Get to know me :)

Getting to know me…… 

Hi everyone!! My name is sydney and I am the creator of worldofmyown.. I figured I would tell you some random facts about me based on questions you guys have asked in the past!! So here we go…. 

  • I just turned 16 years old and I am going into my junior year of highschool 
  • My zodiac sign is a cancer and my birthday is on July 11th so free slurpees :0 
  • I love old movies like 10 things I hate about you , Dazed and Confused , Clueless etc; 
  • My all time favorite tv shows include Gilmore Girls, Rick and Morty, American Dad and Sex in the city.
  • My dream travel destinations are Tokyo and Paris 
  • My favorite foods are sushi or any type of pasta 
  • My biggest style inspirations are any model from the 90’s, Bella Hadid, Devon Lee Carlson and all movies from the 90s/2000’s 
  • My favorite places to shop are depop, thrift stores and etsy. 
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is green tea
  • My favorite fashion trends right now is definitely low rise jeans , lace baby doll tops, and 90s tank tops

                          Well that’s enough about me! I can’t wait for you guys to continue to get to know me through my writing. I will be writing a blog post every week on different topics important to me. New posts will be uploaded every Sunday at 12... Stay tuned