Fashion in film by Bella caruso

Fashion in Film

By Bella Caruso



        Fashion represented through film greatly impacts my personal fashion choices and day-to-day life. After watching a movie or tv show, I constantly find myself searching for many of the unique or more interesting items worn by the characters. Certain characters become my inspiration as I pull ensembles from my wardrobe in the mornings. Audiences are similarly influenced by the fashion choices of their favorite characters and often use their on-set personas to define their own personal style. For me, using film as inspiration for fashion and beauty trends transports me into a world where everything is picture-perfect -- something hardly attainable in real life. And who doesn’t want that? All of the credit should go to costume designers who often go unappreciated and unnoticed.  Costume designers are highly trained to create a specific on-set environment that is a crucial part of filmmaking.  Their ability to communicate a characters’ persona to the audience strictly through the use of clothing and accessories is a beautiful combination of both art and skill. They put in a tremendous amount of effort for each outfit worn by every character in every scene with no detail overlooked.  Even the lining of a coat can convey a characters’ simple, humble background (think worn flannel with a torn pocket) or glamorous and privileged background (smooth satin with velvet cuffs).  These distinctions continue to pave the way for film’s timeless influence on fashion trends. For instance, almost everything Cher Horowitz donned in the cult-classic film “Clueless” became trendy not only in the US but abroad. From short skirts with knee socks to colorful argyle sweaters, Cher Horowitz made her mark in the 90’s.. Though each film depicts its own unique sense of style and good taste, it’s the film’s costume designer who ultimately creates a particular feel on set that eventually comes to life in color on the big screen. My dream of one day becoming a costume designer is fueled by my ever-increasing love of fashion and my appreciation for film.


Bella Caruso is a ametuer blogger and artist who resides in Southern California,  She takes inspiration from characters such as Cher Horowitz, Dionne Davenport, Tai Frasier, Jackie Burkhart, Buffy Anne Summers, Rachel Green, the Stratford sisters, the Wheaton sisters, and many more. She enjoys watching 90’s/early 2000’s teenage coming-of-age movies and is busy creating her own semi-vintage-funky line of clothing @Downtherabbitholeclothing.