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hi everyone!! I have decided that once a month I wanna do a little advice column with some questions you guys have asked on my insta Q&A.. so let's get right into it :) 

Q: I live in a really small town and I love fashion but I feel so uncomfortable if I dress how I have been wanting to. 

S: Hey girl I know how hard it is feeling like you can’t express yourself the way you want to. I felt like I couldn’t wear what I wanted for a while because of people’s comments or judgements. But the one thing you need to realize is everyone has a different opinion of what they think is cool and what they think is not. So DO YOU. The only opinion that truly matters is your opinion of yourself, so if you love that outfit and you're afraid others won't, think to yourself why you love that outfit and how it makes you feel confident. Fashion is a form of self expression. So express yourself no matter what others think. You got this!! 

Q: I have super bad anxiety and it is hard to do things.I feel like I have no one to reach out to. 

S: Hi love, I am so sorry that your going through this. It will get better. Mental health has always been a huge struggle in my life and I understand feeling very defeated at points. Anxiety has always played a big part of my life since I was little. I know you may feel very alone right now due to the stigma around mental health issues but you are not alone. My biggest suggestion is to reach out to someone close to you(friend, school counselor, cousins, aunts, uncles, boyfriend/girlfriend etc;) or to your parents. It is always better to express how you feel than to keep it in and let it consume you. If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable talking about your mental health struggles I suggest journaling. Write all your fears , worries , thoughts in a notebook. it's a good way to release the negative energy/thoughts and get a sense of relief. Another thing that really helps me is going on a run or working out of some sort. It can get rid of a lot of the negative energy in your body and release it in a positive way. Meditating and Yoga also help me move my energy and clear my head. My dms are always open if you guys ever need any support in anything. We are a family over here :) In no means am i a mental health expert and everyone's experiences are different but this is just what works for me. I can also write a more in depth blog post about mental health; anxiety,depression,ocd etc if you guys would like. To whoever wrote this I am always here and you are loved. Things will get better. 

I also suggest reaching out to a mental health professional if it is accessible to you and you have the resources. 

   Resources https://www.betterhelp.com/helpme/?utm_source=AdWords&utm_medium=Search_PPC_c&utm_term=online+free+therapy_e&utm_content=43616120872&network=g&placement=&target=&matchtype=e&utm_campaign=849308107&ad_type=text&adposition=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsv7BRCmARIsANu-CQeBbdDh0FX8k9ihiNlxdfoP8hrFYsByIEPnlmvvLnfTaP1S533MkK4aAvX5EALw_wcB&not_found=1&gor=helpme 


Meditation video I use:  https://youtu.be/W19PdslW7iw https://youtu.be/1vx8iUvfyCY 

Q: I am really trying to be confident but I keep letting my insecurities get in the way. Help 

S: Self love is one of the most important things you can have and it can make you grow tremendously as a person but there are crucial steps it takes to get there. One thing that helps is embracing your insecurities whether I am having a bad skin day or overall just not feeling myself, I realize EVERYONE has these insecurities and that they are practically invisible to others. You are your own biggest critic. Something that you may dislike about yourself others might wish they had. Realize everyone has those days where they don’t feel as confident as they like. Another tip is list the things you like about yourself (internally or externally) whether your hair is looking extra good that day, your skin is treating you well or you have been a great friend that day, or you have made someone else laugh or smile. Focus on those things that you love and the other areas you may feel insecure about will become smaller and smaller. Another thing that helps me tremendously is positive affirmations, it may feel silly at first but I really believe they can work. What you do is basically tell yourself “I am confident” , “I am beautiful” etc; a few times in the morning when you wake up outloud and a few times before you go to sleep. The more you believe it the more your brain will grasp on to it and it will start to affect your view of yourself in a positive and loving way. I hope that helped!! 


Q: My boyfriend and I are having a lot of problems and I love him and I wanna stay with him but he just never tells me how he feels when he is angry or upset. 

S: In no means I am a relationship expert at all nor do I know what your relationship is like but in my experience communication is the most important part of any relationship. Holding grudges and holding in emotions can lead to way worse issues down the road. I know communicating can feel uncomfortable at times and vulnerable but it truly can save a relationship and can make the necessary changes to keep and maintain a healthier stronger relationship.  I hope everything works out for you guys, Best of luck 

Q: How do I branch out with my style?

S: Branching out can be very hard style wise but it's all about figuring about what you like and what you don’t. Whether its colors you're not a fan of or a certain type of aesthetic that you like. It’s about really trying different things. The easiest way to branch out with your style in my opinion is thrifting because you're not breaking the bank but you can still try out many different aesthetics and figure out what items of clothes make you feel like your most confident self. Another way to branch out your style is by making a pinterest board and adding all your favorite outfits and then making a list of items that you need to achieve those looks. I hope that helped and if you have any more questions I can definitely go further into detail on that topic on a separate post.  

Thanks everyone for sending in topics/questions!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to everyones but I definitely will be doing something like this again. Thank you all for the constant support and being a part of the WORLD MY OWN fam!! I love you all :) MY DMS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! 

   A Lot of exciting things are coming up so stay tuned. - Xoxo Syd (creator of worldofmyown) 


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